The world of microalgae at Xelliss

Xelliss is the world’s premier algae-based nutrition company! Boasting a unique and progressive approach, we are spearheading innovation in the world of microalgae as we continually invest in new scientific breakthroughs.

The green algae

A true superfood known for centuries, spirulina microalgae is one of the richest sources of nutrients and micronutrients that nature offers us. A3Nat Spirulina by Xelliss is natural, nutrient-rich, and of superior quality because it is grown in our exclusive photobioreactors. Each serving of A3Nat Spirulina from Xelliss is comprised of:

  • 65-70% superior-quality plant-based protein
  • Minerals and trace elements including calcium, easily-digestible iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, sodium, chromium, potassium, and selenium
  • Fiber, lipids, enzymes, and carbohydrates
  • Pigments such as chlorophylls, carotenoids, phycocyanin, and phycoerythrin
  • Vitamins such as beta carotene (more Vitamin A than carrots!), B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and folates

Spirulina contains four major classes of antioxidants. It also contains gamma-linolenic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that plays an essential role in the synthesis of anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory metabolites.

What are the benefits of consuming A3 spirulina?

After at least one month of use, A3 Spirulina from Xelliss:

  • Provides energy and vitality, especially in cases of fatigue.
  • Supports the immune system, notably due to phycocyanin.
  • Is a source of quality protein and amino acids.
  • Spirulina contains most of the essential amino acids; in addition, protein assimilation has been proven to be very good.
  • Helps with weight control.
  • Contributes to the formation of red blood cells: Iron contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin (which carry oxygen to the tissues).

Why consume A3 Spirulina?

  • For those who want a wellness boost and who are looking for vitality, energy and well-being on a daily basis.
  • During periods of fatigue.
  • During periods of growth.
  • For sportsmen and women and/or for the athletes: to support physical condition and recovery capacities.
  • After a blood donation (replenishment).
  • For people with a diet low in foods of animal origin.
  • For people whose bodies have a poor ability to assimilate iron from conventional foods or who have difficulty tolerating conventional foods or who have difficulty digesting certain traditional foods.
  • For women who wish to avoid iron deficiency and maintain their iron levels at a satisfactory level.
  • In preparation for future parenthood.
  • As a helping hand during weight-loss thanks to its appetite-suppressing effect and its supplementary contributions to a reduced diet.

The red algae

To survive in extreme conditions, it triggers the biosynthesis of many active compounds such as sulphated polysaccharides, pigments and polyunsaturated fatty acids which help it fight external aggressions such as light radiation, extreme pH and salinity. 

Thus, its natural bioproduction of rich scarlet pigments, various nourishing vitamins, moisturizing lipids and regenerating polysaccharides offers it natural protection. 

For illustration, the sulphated polysaccharides that it produces and excretes form a gelatinous envelope, protecting it from oxidation and cell damage. 

They produce many active compounds such as sulphated polysaccharides, pigments and polyunsaturated fatty acids that combat light radiation, pH, and salinity.

The microalgae Porphyridium cruentum is extremely delicate and each phase of its cultivation must be perfectly controlled. Our closed farming system in our patented photobioreactors is closely monitored to grow this special strain in its purest state.

They protect against external impurities or contamination from unwanted external species.

What are the benefits of using microalgae skincare products or their active ingredients?

Ridium® is unique in the world of skincare! Its main ingredient — 99% of the composition! — comes from the natural extract of the marine microalgae Porphyridium cruentum. The polysaccharides in Ridium provide these benefits to your skin:

  • Visibly younger skin
  • Moisturizes and hydrates
  • Immediate micro-lifting effect
  • Provides firmness to the skin
  • Antioxidant that protects from free radical damage 
  • Reduces irritation and inflammation due to exposure to biochemical and environmental factors and excess sun
  • Suitable for all skin types

Microalgae Cultivation: The source matters

Xelliss holds a global patent on photobioreactor technology that produces the highest-quality microalgae that is pure and highest grade.


We carefully cultivate our own microalgae so that we can control every aspect from growth to packaging and delivery. This ensures the safety and microbial quality of our products and avoids any deterioration of nutritional quality related to storage, oxidation, contamination, exposure to damaging light, or transport of materials.

Xelliss’ microalgae is cultivated in closed photobioreactors that preserve the nutritional value and prohibit contamination. Scientists precisely regulate this process at every step. Chlorine-free fresh water from the mountains around our facilities is filtered by reverse osmosis to guarantee that our microalgae is not exposed to chemical, microbial, or water-related contamination.


Artificial computer intelligence continually monitors the nutritional composition of the microalgae, evaluating and adjusting the photobioreactor’s temperature, salinity, water pH, nutrient supply, and luminosity in order to obtain an exceptional high-grade spirulina.

Our facilities allow us to avoid the nutritional variations found in algae that is cultivated in open environments. Open-air systems like lakes, ponds and open pools require huge areas of land and are prone to contamination from bacteria, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides which leads to low-grade spirulina.

At Xelliss, we monitor and control the production in a closed environment from start to finish so that we can cultivate high-quality microalgae at any time of the year in any quantity we desire with consistent results. There are no seasonal or climactic fluctuations in photobioreactor that can affect the nutritional quality of our product.


Our primary objective is to offer our consumers a very high quality microalgae with exceptional nutritional benefits throughout the year. Our tight control of these three stages guarantees our consumers the avoidance of all risks of deterioration in nutritional quality.

Our technology therefore allows consumers to benefit directly from a pure microalgae, thanks to our range of products that meets their needs and expectations.

All this technology allows to have a high quality, so we’ve invested in these features so that you can invest in high quality spirulina and polysaccharides with confidence!

Photobioreactors: Our Award-Winning, Patented Technology

We are proud to have received the Energy Innovator Award in 2019 from CV Magazine for “Best Manufacturer of Industrial Algae Production System”!

How is this pure and unique A3 spirulina by Xelliss obtained?

Vertical Farming Technology

As can be seen in the photos, our monitored tanks have been specially designed for algae cultivation in an enclosed environment. Our modular photobioreactor system is a closed circuit because it is installed in a secure building which meets very demanding health standards, and because we control the different stages of microalgae cultivation.

We are able to obtain and offer a very high quality spirulina with exceptional nutritional benefits throughout the year, thanks to the automated management of the four variable elements over which we have control:

  • CO2
  • Nutrients
  • Air temperature
  • Lighting

The need for light is among the essential parameters for the optimal development of microalgae. Our tanks employ an LED light monitoring system which projects and adapts a specific beam of light continuously, according to the requirements of the microalgae.

Our processes: EPNA & BioActive EPS

No added or chemical ingredients, without heat treatment and solvent-free.

Our natural extraction process, the blue gold of spirulina: PHYCOCYANIN

Xelliss uses its own spirulina for its production of phycocyanin. Indeed, the cultivation conditions in photobioreactors made it possible to optimize the richness in this precious active and to reach maximum concentrations.

Xelliss applies a unique natural process called EPNA (Extraction of Phyco Native Active) to extract phycocyanin from freshly grown A3 spirulina. This process uses a centrifuge and extractor to obtain the aqueous concentrate from the photobioreactor.

This extraction is done immediately, on-site, to preserve the quality that is rich in phycocyanin. EPNA Is a water-based process without solvents or chemicals. No heat or drying that could alter the microalgae is used.

Our patented biotech process: BioActive EPS

Thanks to its advanced innovative biotechnological process, Xelliss cultivates the algae that produces the active ingredients of its revolutionary skin product, Ridium®. Thus the microalgae Porphyridium cruentum is cultivated in patented photobioreactors, producing superior cosmetic quality ingredients.

During the stationary phase of development, exopolysaccharides (EPS) make the culture medium highly viscous. The algae cells are physically separated from the gelatinous water by means of a purification process. The soluble polysaccharides are then purified from the water. At the end of the process, a pure hydrogel is obtained and its viscosity and polysaccharide content are controlled to guarantee optimal quality.

Our production and purification process is completely natural, without any additives, solvents, or other reagents that could harm you, your skin, or our environment.

Awards and Recognition

"Best Manufacturer of Industrial Algae Production System" by the ENERGY INNOVATOR AWARDS in 2019

Guaranteed quality Spirulina with no additives, our production and purification process is completely natural

All cultivation is 100% Made in Europe. We control every aspect from growth to packaging and delivery