Executive Team

Eric Masson

Chairman of the Xelliss Supervisory Board

Ask Xelliss Chairman Eric Masson why he chose to devote himself to this company, and without a moment of hesitation, he will answer, "You!". 
He has made his mark in the world of direct selling for more than 25 years. As an Independent Distributor himself, he set many records.

As our Company Founder, he has helped others generate the highest incomes in several countries.
And as a man of incomparable vision, Eric is committed to helping you build your financial security and lifestyle of your dreams.

Eric is decidedly loyal and committed to the success of every person who dares to dream of a better future. His company is founded on honesty and transparency for the Distributor, and quality and results for the customer.

Jean-Michel Larré

CEO and co-founder

Jean-Michel was born in a rural area of France where he learned the values of hard work and character.

He built a career as an actor in Europe, eventually founding both a theater and an acting company.

After working IT and finance for some of the biggest companies in French industry, Jean-Michel became a successful entrepreneur, founding a medical products distribution company.

He was introduced to the leveraged sales profession where he developed his passion for wellness.

Jean-Michel is a man committed to living his dreams, and helping you live yours as well.

Michael Smith

COO - North America

Michael has a wide range of experience in Leveraged Sales. His first experiences were in the field as an independent distributor with various companies.

He went on to help his family in ownership of a small company. From there, he has played a part in virtually every aspect of corporate operations. Michael has experience in bringing companies from outside of the US into the US market and loves the challenges that face international business.

He also had a long and successful career in the IT world. This unique combination of experiences allows him to see the Leveraged Sales industry from all directions.

A consummate team player, Michael believes that excellence is achieved when the greatest number of people achieve success.

Jean-Jacques Trochon

Brand Ambassador

Jean -Jacques is a retired airline pilot, author, researcher and public speaker who is helping to revolutionize the metabolic approach to good health.

Intensive research has led him to integrate Xelliss’ state-of-the-art phycocyanin within an innovative wellness concept, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading scientists.

Xelliss worldwide

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