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Why join us ?

Joining the Xelliss family as an Independent Distributor the pleasure of improving the quality of life of those around you by sharing natural, effective products and a business opportunity that can help them achieve their dreams.

Being part of Xelliss means


When you’re an Independent Distributor for Xelliss, you work for yourself, at your own pace, when you want, from anywhere in the world - and without any financial risk.

Bold income

Xelliss' compensation plan is one of the most beneficial in the direct selling field. You have access to several personal and team bonuses for income and rewards. You are in charge of your potential!


You will receive training, tools, and a support system at each stage of your growth and development. Our experienced members will mentor you along the way!

Personal development

You will discover new horizons and meet new people. The pleasure of working as a team in complete independence allows you to learn new skills and become the best version of yourself.


We value people above all else at Xelliss. YOU are our priority! You will be recognized and rewarded for your performance as well as your growth.


Our Independent Distributors and Customers
share their experience with Xelliss!

Christel Biau - France

"As an ambitious mother, I found fulfillment thanks to the Xelliss company which allowed me to become independent and free from my schedules.

Now that this is my full-time occupation, I am free to travel and play sports every day. I enjoy being with my children every day by working from home."

Karin Angelly - USA

"I personally will not stop taking spirulina every day. But not just any spirulina, the Xelliss spirulina.

I think the Xelliss spirulina is far superior to all other spirulinas out there. There is no other company or place out there that grows spirulina the way that Xelliss does.

What they discovered is that they had the most superior spirulina out there, the most power packed spirulina out there."

Whit & Cari - USA

"After 10 days of being on X3 MicroBiome we both watched our mid-sections shrink! In fact, I lost 3lbs and 3 inches and Whit lost 7lbs and 5 inches without being able to go to the gym at all and still eating all the goodies over Thanksgiving."

Cora - USA

"I have tried everything on the market geared toward gut health, and the moment I used these products, I could feel them in my body going to work! I went on an 8 day vacation and lost weight, and I continue to lose inches while I enjoy the foods I love."