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Product Description


Skin Care Range

Formula enriched with natural extract BioActive EPS® from the microalgae Porphyridium cruentum.

Moisturizing and firming skin care for the face and neck.

Algae Skin Care

Ridium® is a unique product in the world of skin care. The final formula is comprised of 99% of the main ingredient, BioActive EPS!

The BioActive EPS concentrate - an extract of natural origin of active exopolysaccharides (EPS) - is synthesized from the marine microalgae Porphyridium cruentum to form a protective shield when applied to your skin.


The unique biotechnological process used to obtain BioActive EPS is innovative, patented, and exclusive to Xelliss, thereby making Ridium a standout.

Ridium® offers a short-term micro-lifting effect with each application, and a long-term effect of improving the signs of aging from 30 days of use.

1. Micro-lifting effect at each application thanks to its high skin hydration* capacity, providing firmness to the skin.

2. Firming effect after one month of action, improving the texture, tone and luminosity of the skin.


*upper layers of the epidermis


Advice for use: packed in 30 ampoules. Each ampoule delivers the exact amount for one application per day on the skin. Apply to face and neck on previously clean skin. Ridium® is non-greasy, quickly absorbable and suitable for all skin types. Use morning and/or night.

1 box of 30 ml = 30 ampoules of 1 0.03 fl. oz

Net volume: 30 ml = 1.01 fl. oz


Information per dose (0.03 fl. oz): Active ingredient tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control. Hypoallergenic, suited to different skin types and sensitive skin. Suitable for vegans.


How to use Ridium?

Packed in 30 single-dose phials. Each phial delivers the exact dose for one skin application per day. On previously cleansed skin, apply to the face and neck or the areas of the face to be treated. Non-greasy, Ridium® penetrates rapidly and is suitable for all skin types. Use morning and/or evening.

What type of skin can Ridium use?

Suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin and it is non-comedogenic.