X3 MicroBiome

X3 MicroBiome

Nutrition range

Dietary supplement based on soluble fibre and bifidobacteria.

These two ingredients act in symbiosis and support weight management.

To view the clinical study carried out on obese subject, click here 


33 CV

30 sticks
Sachet net weight: 5 g

Fibersol (Soluble corn fibre): 3.33 g
Bifidobacterium lactis (10 Billions Heat-treated Cells): 100 mg


Food supplements should not replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Do not exceed recommended daily doses.
Keep out of reach of children.
For pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children, refer to a doctor's advice.






Number of sachets

The X3 MICROBIOME is an innovative and unique concept comprising a live Bifidobacterium lactis bacterium, a soluble fibre and High Grade "A3" spirulina. These three ingredients work in symbiosis to help weight management.

What are the benefits of X3 Microbiome?

After 2 months of recommended minimum consumption of X3 Microbiome:


It helps the immune system, in particular thanks to the bifidobacterium lactis.


It improves gastrointestinal symptoms (bloating, pain, slow transit).


It produces and supplies our body with nutrients from molecules not metabolised by humans (such as short-chain fatty acids produced by microbial degradation of starch).


It helps reduce visceral fat (the literature mentions that several strains of the Bifidobacterium genera have anti-obesity effects in different in vivo models of induced obesity).

Directions for use

Bifidobacterium lactis, patented strain
Bifidobacterium lactis, patented strain

The strain thus specifically selected by Xelliss proved to be the most effective, among some forty strains, for its effects in reducing accumulation in adipose tissue.


Developed for its very good intestinal tolerance, the soluble fibre chosen by Xelliss is derived from corn. It contributes to gut health in several ways. Firstly, by helping to support and maintain bowel regularity.

High Quality A3 Spirulina grown in photobioreactors.
High Quality A3 Spirulina grown in photobioreactors.

Its prebiotic action allows good bacteria to grow properly and its antibacterial action fights against possible colonisation by pathogenic bacteria.

The richness, diversity and stability over time of the intestinal microbiota are key factors for a healthy gut microbiome.


Why launch X3 MicroBiome for our gut microbiota? img

Because our gut microbiota is the most important microbiota in our body.


Why did we choose a bifidobacterium in X3 MicroBiome? img

Bifidobacteria are present in our gut from birth to the end of life, but decrease throughout life from 95% to 25% in our microbiota.

What do bifidobacteria do for us? img

They are valuable allies that impact our immune system, improve gastrointestinal symptoms, provide nutrients, and protect the intestinal barrier.

Why is the intestinal barrier essential for our health? img

It plays a role in controlling the flow of nutrients and bacteria and contributes to our immune system.

Why use X3 MicroBiome for at least 3 months? img

This is because the colonisation of our intestine by a strain is slow and requires a sufficient period of consumption to be able to benefit from the advantages.

Can X3 MicroBiome be used for more than 3 months? img

By consuming X3 MicroBiome for longer periods of time, the benefits are best sustained.

Can NaturaBiome X3 be consumed in a drink other than water? img

X3 MicroBiome can be added to all drinks (fruit juice, smoothie, etc.).

Can X3 MicroBiome disturb the gut balance? img

This is rare, but in this case, try to stop using for a few days and then resume. The symptoms will certainly disappear.

Can X3 MicroBiome be consumed with a diet? img

There are no contraindications and an appropriate diet can only be beneficial.

Can a child consume X3 MicroBiome? img

The consumption of X3 MicroBiome is suitable for adults and adolescents.



Can a child consume X3 MicroBiome? img

There are no contraindications and an appropriate diet can only be beneficial.

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