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Loyalty Rewards Program

Do you regularly use and order our products?
Do you want your loyalty to be rewarded?
Would you like to benefit from advantages with every purchase?

Join our Loyalty Rewards Program and become a Xelliss Preferred Customer!

Your advantages

3 exclusive advantages for our Preferred Customers


Have your favourite products delivered to your home every month.


Benefit from a 20% discount on all your purchases.


Convert your Rewards
Points into free products.

How to become a Preferred customer?

By choosing monthly delivery for your favorite products, you get the exclusive benefits of the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Receive your products without even thinking about them!

The Automatic Delivery Program (ADP) allows you to have a recurring order of products sent to your address every month.

Buy and save!

From the moment you set up your ADP, you benefit from a 20% discount on all your product orders (recurring and one-off).

Accumulate loyalty points!

With each order, convert the amount of your purchases and the shipping costs into Rewards Points (RW) to choose free products.

And, you can earn more RW by sponsoring customers: friends, family, professional entourage, etc...

My Rewards Points (RW)

Earn points every time you order. You earn points on the products you buy but also on shipping! 

Sponsoring other customers can also give you points. The total amount of your Rewards Points is posted in your personal Preferred Customer account.

How are my Rewards Points calculated?

My Rewards Points are calculated according to a rule: Rewards Points = Total PV of an order x recurrence percentage.

Your loyalty and seniority are rewarded!

The recurrence percentage is determined by the number of consecutive months of recurrence of your ADP.

Between 1 and 3 months

Ex: I am in my 3rd month of recurrence and my order amounts to 90PV, so I generate 9 RW (90x10%=9 RW).

Between 4 and 6 months

Ex: I am in my 5th month of recurrence and my order amounts to 90PV, so I generate 13.5 RW (90x15%=13.5 RW).W).

From 7 months

Ex: I am in my 9th month of recurrence and my order amounts to 90PV, so I generate 18 RW (90x20%=18 RW).

How are shipping costs converted into loyalty points?

There are two options:

- If the shipping costs are less than 15$ excl. VAT, you receive 3 RW.

- If the shipping costs are more than 15$ excl. VAT, you receive 12 RW.


What are the advantages of an ADP?

As soon as you have set up an ADP, you join the Loyalty Rewards Program and benefit from a 20% discount on all your purchases, as well as earning and collecting RW towards free products.
You can manage your ADP orders whenever and wherever you want, earn Rewards Points and receive free products.

How do I setup an ADP?

Upon registration as a Privilege Customer and when you place your first order, you can set up your ADP for the following month by selecting the products to be delivered to your address.
By accessing your back office, "Orders" menu, you can modify the content of your ADP order (products), as well as the delivery address and your method of payment.

Is there a minimum amount required to set up an ADP?

No, there is no minimum amount required to set up an ADP. Preferred Customers select the product(s) they want to receive each month.

How can I change my ADP order?

Go to your personal account to modify the products selected, their quantity or your personal information (postal address, telephone number, credit card number, etc.).

When and how can I benefit from my advantages?

With each order, you benefit from a 20% discount on your purchases and also collect Rewards Points on both the amount of your order and that of the shipping costs.

When are my Rewards Points added to my account?

Your RW are calculated on all your orders posted during a calendar month. The calculated points are automatically added to your Rewards Points account and displayed in your back office on the second Monday of the following month.

How do I choose my free products?

Go to your store and choose your free product (s) according to their value, indicated in points on their description sheet. All you need to do is to pay your order with your points.

I have 50 Rewards Points (RW).

  1. I can choose an A3 Powder (23RW) + a PhycoSci XTREME (23RW). This leaves me with 4 RW (23+23=46).

  2. Or, I can choose a PhycoSci AM (45RW). This leaves me with 5 RW.

For how long are my Rewards Points valid?

RW are valid for 1 year from the last activity on your account: ADP order, one-off order, RW earned by personally sponsoring new customers.
Any RW not used, after one year, will no longer be available.

Do I earn Rewards Points for Sponsoring a Customer as a Preferred Customer?

Yes. You earn 10%, in RW, of the total number of Rewards Points from the first order of your newly sponsored Preferred Customers. These points are added to your personal RW account.

Can an ADP be cancelled and what are the consequences?

Yes, you can cancel your ADP in your personal account at any time.
During this period, you retain the RW you have earned but your personal orders no longer count towards your loyalty points.
You can reactivate your ADP at any time, and all your orders (ADP and one-off orders) will again generate RW.

If I become an independent Xelliss distributor, are my Rewards Points retained?

Yes, if you decide to become an independent distributor, all records of your earned RWs are retained.